How Do I Clean Grill Baskets (2 Easy Methods)

A good old gathering is never complete without a cold one. And if you are having friends over, there’s nothing more exciting than having a grill in the backyard. Especially during the end of summer, fall or anytime there’s a cold breeze outside. 

But all these grillings mean there’s a lot of dishes to clean afterward. Not to mention the grill itself. And all those delicious marinated oil, spice, and everything nice gets all over the grill basket. Which is a huge pain to clean. 

Well, we are here to talk you through the easiest and most reliable methods of cleaning the grill basket. And most probably ending your How do I clean a grill basket that has a build-up of grease on it? Let’s start scrubbing! 

How Do I Clean Grill Baskets

Easiest and Reliable Methods to Clean Grill Baskets

You know we are going to suggest a scrubber or scouring pad to get all your energy on the grill basket, right? Well, you’re wrong. 

Instead of working your elbows off, you need planning (which we did and applied) and then proceed step by step. So put on your cleaning gloves, and get on to it. 

Here are the two best methods to clean your grill basket with low effort and maximum output. 

Method 1: Dishwashing liquid, grill scour, and dishwasher. 

Method 2: A heavy-duty grill cleaning agent. 

Let’s go through both methods and steps to follow to get a clean shiny grill basket. y basket! 

Method 1: Dish Washing Liquid, Grill Scour, and Dish Washer

As the name implies, it’s a two-wash process. 

Step 1: Soak your grill basket in a liquid dishwasher and water mixture. Using warm water gives better results. Go for Dawn, Seventh Generation, or anything that is more powerful than typical dish soap. Let it sit for a good 15 minutes. 

Step 2: Time for a scrub. Use a grill scour to scrub off any excess grease buildups. And rinse it with warm water. 

Step 3: Now is the secret! Put the Grill Basket in the dishwasher, all by itself with a soap pod you usually use. Set it for an hour, and your work is done. 

Step 4: By the time it’s over, you will have a clean basket without using much elbow grease on it. 

Caution: Read your grill instructions. Not all grill baskets can go in the dishwasher. So if it does not suggest putting it in a washer, you should skip this method. 

Method 2: Heavy-Duty Grill Cleaning Agent

Face it, they are meant for this kinda stuff. No matter how much vinegar and baking soda you use, grill grease will keep on sticking. And the time and effort it will take is worth more than yourself. 

Step 1: Get your choice o Grill Cleaning agent. Read the levels for the pH value and how well it works on what type of grill.

Step 2: Take your grill basket and spray it with the agent in the sink. Let it sit for at least 5 minutes.

Step 3: Start scouring it with your good old grill scour. Give it a good scrub afterward with hot water.

Step 4: Rinse with hot water.

This works way better and takes a lot less time and effort to clean a greasy grilling basket. If one isn’t enough, you can go for seconds and it will get the job done. 

Caution: Not all grill baskets are made with the same material and coating. Read the spray instructions and usability before you buy and use them on your grill. 

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How do I clean the inside of a grill box?

To clean the inside of your grill box, simply empty it out of any debris and spray it with dishwashing soap and water. Let it sit for 30 minutes and then scrub it down with a grill scrubber. If the box is too much greasy, then simple dish soap won’t cut it. Rather use a grill cleaning spray that will cut through the grease instantly. And then wash it off with a dish soap and water mixture. 

How do I clean a non-stick grill basket?

If you have a nonstick grill basket, you should never use a metal scrubber or the dishwasher to clean it. Rather opt for a milder dish soap and warm water solution to clean it. Soak it in the sink or a big pan if it doesn’t fit with the solution. Then scrub it down with regular dishwashing foam. 

How do I clean stainless steel baskets?

Regular cleaning can keep your stainless steel grill baskets nice and shiny. If there is not much grease on the basket, soaking under dish soap and warm water for 10-20 minutes will loosen the grease. But if the grease is heavy, you should go for a grill spray to clean it. Remember to look for the instructions for the spray while buying it. As not all sprays will go on stainless steel and potentially damage it. 

How do I clean mesh grill grates?

Mesh grill grates are one of the hardest things to clean. As it has smaller holes and grease, food debris builds up pretty quickly. You might need to soak it overnight in the sink with a dish soap and warm water mixture. You can also go for vinegar and baking soda solution. But like any other grilling equipment, mesh grates need better quality cleaning agents. So if you have a lot of stubborn greases, we suggest you go for a grill cleaning solution or spray. 


Grilling is not only a social fun activity with friends, neighbors, and family, but also a meditation of its own kind. The smell of grilling meat and all the marination puts up a soothing feeling to your mind and soul. Not to mention the rewards afterward. Remember to read the level of your grill cleaning agent before you buy them. As different grills suggest using different formulas, using the wrong one on your grill basket will damage it. 

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