How Do I Fix the F10 on My Frigidaire Oven | Easiest Method

The Frigidaire brand makes the greatest ovens, cooktops, refrigerators, freezers, and dishwashers of household appliances. A highly respected business makes Frigidaire appliances, but it doesn’t make them impervious to damage or immune to malfunction. Of course, this also applies to your Frigidaire stove or oven.

How Do I Fix the F10 on My Frigidaire Oven

The electronically controlled panel has spotted a runaway temperature when you see F10 on the range. Your range could not reach the setting you set it to, or the control board could be reporting the temperature wrongly. The temperature sensor or electrical control board may need to be replaced. 

F10 Code on a Frigidaire Oven 

Electric ranges from Frigidaire aren’t intended to heat up over a certain broil temp. A Frigidaire electric oven may shut down without a way to turn it back on and show an “F10” code out of self-preservation. You’ll need to conduct some temperature-related investigation if this occurs.

Uncontrolled Temperature

The heating components are instructed to heat up until the selected oven temperature is attained whenever you choose a temperature setting. The F10 code will appear on your Frigidaire electric range’s display, and the range will turn off automatically to prevent harm if it detects that the temperature has risen over permitted levels. Before a severe drop in temperature, the oven will not turn on. Repeatedly doing this can seriously harm your range.

Probe for RTD Sensor

One reason for an F10 code or an overheated oven is a damaged RTD sensor probe. For the main control of the stove to understand when to turn off the heating elements, the sensors probe is designed to precisely measure the temperature in the chamber of the Frigidaire electric range. The probe’s position may vary depending on the model; refer to the wiring diagram to see where it is. Check it for any evident damage, such as a wire that has cracks or rips.

Resistance Testing

Even though the probe seems in good shape, it might be damaged inside and provide inaccurate data. Use a multimeter to measure the resistance in ohms. Follow the leads of the probe to the connection points, then turn off the electricity to your oven. Remove them, then set the multimeter to read resistance in ohms. Place the black and red probes on each terminal. The probe should normally register approximately 1,100 ohms at ambient temperature. You must change your probe if your reading is much above or below.


A defective thermostat attached to the temperature controls on the Frigidaire electric range is one of the other potential reasons for an F10 overheat code. If the thermostat isn’t detecting the temperature control’s limitations, it can tell the components to heat more than they can. You may also test the sensor probe for resistance similarly, but you should obtain a “zero” or “infinity” rating instead.

What to Do? How to Fix F10 on Your Frigidaire Oven

There are a few straightforward things that you can do to fix the issue of f10.

A Temperature Sensor Check

Let’s first inspect the oven temperature sensor. You should turn off the oven’s power. Never verify continuity while the electricity is still connected. Away with the rear panel. You should disconnect the sensor’s wire harness. Put one-meter lead on each cable terminal of the temperature probe and set the meter to measure ohms.

At a temperature of 75 degrees, the sensor’s resistance value should be nearly 1,100 ohms if the meter displays resistance of fewer than 1,000 ohms or even more than 1300 ohms at room temp.

If the sensor checks out with no continuity and gives this meter an OL reading, it also has to be changed. Here is a video that will guide you through an electric and a gas range procedure.

If you do not have any of the equipment or missing a few, the online store is one tap away.

Sensor Wire Harness Testing

If everything seems good with the temperature sensor, remove the top and back panels, connect the harness to the sensor again, and disconnect another end from the controller unit. You will then test the resistance via the sensor and wire harness.

The resistance reading thru the harnesses and sensors should be quite similar to the reading via the sensor alone.

Replace the Control Board

So you need to change the electronically controlled board if the readings stay the same, but you continue to have the F10 error code when attempting to cook. Understanding how to change the electronic control panel on an electric range is halfway to doing it.

If you are looking for something alternative, then here are some worth looking into.

Frequently asked questions

Why is my Frigidaire stove beeping F10?

The F10 code can appear on your Frigidaire electric range’s display. The range will turn off automatically to prevent harm if it detects that the temperature has risen over permitted levels. The oven will also not turn on prior to a severe drop in temperature. Repeatedly doing this can seriously harm your range.

How to reset a Frigidaire oven control board?

Attempting a hard reset by disconnecting the oven, waiting approximately 30 seconds, and then putting it back in again should be your first course of action. This may be sufficient in some instances to reboot the circuit board and restore functionality to your oven.

How to restart the oven?

Remove the fuse or switch the breaker to the “OFF” setting. To restore power to the unit, wait for a minute, then insert the fuse or put the circuit back to its ON set. The wall oven or range’s electronic controls ought to be reset by doing this.

Why won’t the Frigidaire electric oven heat up?

There are a few typical reasons why a Frigidaire oven won’t warm up. Ensure the item is turned on and connected before testing the temperature control. Before choosing a fix, if the range is still not heating, look for a blown fuse or a circuit breaker that has tripped.


Fortunately, most of the frequent issues you’ll have are small, including defective components that are simple to change on your own. However, when the oven malfunctions, you could also have problems with the central control panel, resulting in a costly repair bill. 

The problems we frequently encounter with Frigidaire ovens, defective control boards, and possible solutions are discussed here. It is recommended to leave significant appliance repairs, such as replacing a malfunctioning control board, to a qualified repairman rather than trying to do it yourself.

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