How Much Does An Oven Weigh? 6 Types of Oven

An oven is an important appliance for any kitchen. You can easily cook, bake, and warm any food by using an oven. In case you want to install or reinstall the oven in your kitchen then it’s important to consider its weight. The weight of the oven depends much on its features. Also, you need to know how much an oven weighs for placing it.

How Much Does An Oven Weigh

How Heavy Is An Oven? 6 Types Of Oven

The weight of an oven depends on its category. So if you have a chosen type of oven then you can install an oven from its weight range. Moreover, all kinds of ovens have a basic and a smart type. The smart ovens are heavier than basic ones. Thus if you want to cut off weight then you should choose the basic oven.

An oven can weigh around a hundred to 500 pounds according to its category and feature. You can categorize these ovens in oven range, wall, double wall, toaster, and commercial oven. All these ovens have various special features. Here is the detailed feature and weight of them so that you can choose one for your kitchen.

Oven Combo

They are more known as oven ranges or stovetops. They’re also called oven combo because it contains a complete cooking set. Most the kitchens have or had this oven for its usefulness. The weight of this type of oven is 130 to 220 pounds. You need to place this oven on the floor because it works as a stove as well as an oven.

Wall Oven

By its name you can guess that this oven is to be set on a wall. So, this oven can save a lot of space in your kitchen. This is built into wall space with a monitor to control it. A wall oven can weigh 80 to 180 pounds which is very less compared to other ovens.

Double Wall Oven

It is the same as the wall oven just doubling a single one. All the characteristics of a double wall oven are the same as a wall oven. The reason behind the name double is it takes twice the space and gives twice the service to you compared to a wall oven. As it takes up twice the space so its weight of it also increases to 150-250 pounds.

Toaster Oven

This is more known as a toaster that you use in the morning for making toast for breakfast. Though, if you’re thinking of getting a toaster then the weight of it shouldn’t be your matter of concern. Because a toaster is not only small in size but also weighs very less. The weight of a toaster oven is 20 to 30 pounds. So, you don’t need to worry about its weight and the space it’s going to take.

Commercial Oven

These ovens are used for commercial purposes in restaurants, cafeterias, bakeries, etc. Therefore, if you need an oven with more capacity and power then you should go for commercial ones. Though these ovens are not needed for home appliances.

However, these convection ovens can be wood, gas, or electric powered. They are also available in different accommodations, like deck, combination, and pizza oven. Because of the professional service it provides, it’s heavier than other ovens. Its weight is 400 to 500 pounds.

GE Oven

General electric ovens have a vast market. GE wall ovens are more popular tho it has other models too. All types of general electric ovens are GE and their weight varies according to their model.

Moving A Heavy Oven

Moving an oven isn’t an easy task. You need to take precautions and have enough power and tools to do so. You must have a dolly to carry the oven. If you don’t own a dolly you can buy or hire one. You need to detach electric and gas lines from the oven. And also the removable parts so that they can be carried easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Heavy Is a Single Oven?

A single wall oven weights 75 to 155 lbs or 80 to 180 pounds. In case you don’t like a wall oven you can get a range oven which weights a bit more than a wall oven, 130-220 pounds. You can also get a small toaster oven of around 25 pounds. On the other hand, a big commercial oven weighs around 500 pounds.

How Much Does An Average Stove Weigh?

An average stove weighs 130-220 pounds. But the smaller toast stove weighs 20-30 pounds and the bigger commercial stove weighs 400-500 pounds. Whereas a general wall stove is 80- 130 pounds heavy.

How Do You Move An Oven?

For moving an oven at first you have to disconnect it from electricity. You’ll also need to disconnect the gas pipe. You remove and keep the detachable parts of the oven aside. At last, move the oven on a dolly and slide it carefully to the desired space and place it.

How Much Does GE Oven Weigh?

A GE oven weighs 190 to 260 lbs. General electric ovens are of many types. Different types of ovens have different features that are why their weight varies.


An oven or stove is a heavy and necessary kitchen appliance. Their weight changes according to their size and features. So if you get an oven with all updated features though smaller in size, it’ll be heavy. Even if you want an oven with basic features but bigger in size the weight will increase. The material used in the oven also affects its weight and performance.

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