How to Reset a Tappan Oven | The Simplest Method

Resetting a Tappan oven is not a difficult thing to do. But since you are considering a reset, chances are your oven runs into some trouble. So, before you even decide to press the reset button, you have to make sure all components are running okay. That way, you can get a better grasp of the situation. 

As for how to reset, you can do it through the electronic control panel. First, unplug the oven to reset it while you wait for half a minute or so. Next, plug it in again and it is as simple as that! 

How to Reset a Tappan Oven

How Do I Reset My Oven Control Board

Generally, control boards are considered the brain of an oven. They regulate the power into the oven elements and initiate self-cleaning. Besides, it displays time and temperature settings. So, when the board is faulty, it might affect one or more of these functions.

Though control boards are pretty easy to replace, it is non-returnable after installation. 

In some cases, when an oven fails to operate, it starts to display an error code. However, you do not have to replace the oven control board if you are going through this situation. Rather resetting can fix the problem.

At first, unplug the oven to reset it and wait for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, plug it in again. This simple hack is enough to reset your oven control board.

How Do I Reset My Tappan Oven

Just like any other electrical device, a Tappan oven requires a reset from time to time. A power surge such as a short-circuit or a violent storm is one of the most common situations when you should reset your oven.

Speaking of that, the procedures for resetting a Tappan oven are pretty straightforward. First, remove all the present command signals from the oven’s control panel and give it some time to warm up. Within a few minutes, it will be ready for the reset operation, which consists of the following steps.

Check the Circuit Breaker

The first thing that you should inspect is the circuit breaker panel. Several of your breakers have probably got tripped after a power surge.

Each circuit breaker usually has a marking with the part of your house it serves. Therefore, it is wise to check out whether or not the oven breakers are on. If they are not in place, flip them back to the on position. 

Inspect the Fuses

Double-check whether the fuses are still good or not if the circuit breakers were in the off position. If nothing happens after turning on the kitchen circuit, the fuses may have blown. In that circumstance, you need to replace the fuses.

Check the Power Cord

If you do not find any issues with the circuit breaker or the fuses, examine the power cord. Recheck whether your power cord is still connected or not. On top of that, remember to turn off the oven’s power before inspecting the power cord. This step is crucial as it protects you from electrocuting yourself while checking.

Reset the Electronic Control Panel

After doing all the preceding processes, reset the electronic control panel. Once the reset operation finishes, keep the circuit breaker in the off position for at least 10 minutes to accomplish accurate results. And now, it is time to turn the circuit breaker on and allow the control panel to restart.

Yet, do not push any keys during this period. Because if you interrupt while turning on the procedure, it may lock up and cause you trouble.

Before using your oven again, ensure that the electronic panel is alright and displays no error. 

Why My Tappan Oven Won’t Heat Up

It is challenging to explain why a Tappan oven would not heat up fine as there can be several reasons behind it.


The most common cause for not heating the oven is a faulty igniter. Generally, an igniter serves two functions. The first one is to open the safety valve by conducting an electrical current through it. And the next one is to heat up to the point where it glows and ignites the gas on the oven burner. 

Generally, a weak igniter is responsible for keeping the safety valve close, which impedes the oven from heating up. 

Look through the igniter while the oven is on to check whether it is still working. If the igniter glows for more than 90 seconds before igniting the gas flame, then the igniter is not powerful enough to open the safety valve. In such circumstances, it is wise to replace the igniter. 

On the contrary, when the igniter is unable to glow, check its continuity with a multimeter. If you find that the igniter has lost its continuity, replace it as soon as possible.

Bake or Broil Element

The bake and broil both elements glow red hot when it is appropriately heated. But when they do not glow red, they might have their continuity vanquished. So, check the bake and broil elements with a multimeter to confirm whether one of them got burnt out. If you find any difficulty, replace the bake or broil element.

Oven Control Board

According to the user settings and sensor input, the oven control board sends voltage to the bake and broil circuits. However, it may not send voltage to the heating components because it is defective. In that case, you need to replace the oven control board.

Nevertheless, as replacing the oven control board is quite expensive, check all the heating components first. And once you find that all the heating components are working, replace the defective oven control board. 

Incoming Power Problem

Generally, an electric oven requires 240 volts of alternating current, whereas a gas oven requires 120 volts only. A power interruption can be the reason behind the oven not turning on. So, to confirm if it was the power supply that caused the trouble, use a multimeter to measure the incoming power at the wall socket. If the electrical outlet is not producing enough voltage, replace the power source.

Thermal Fuse

Thermal fuses turn off the power automatically when your oven becomes too hot. Hence, the oven will not heat up if the thermal fuse has blown out.

Investigate with a multimeter whether the thermal fuse is still working or not. If you find it faulty, replace it with a new one.

Frequently Asked Question

Do ovens have a reset button?

Yes, they do. Most ovens come with a circuit breaker with a reset button. Generally, you will find it on the control console or the top of the oven.

Why is my oven not getting up to temperature?

A faulty temperature sensor can be the culprit in such cases. Besides, defective heating elements and gas igniter can impede your oven from heating up to the required temperature.


Just like any electronic appliance, a Tappan oven requires you to reset it from time to time. No, it does not have to be a fault or something. Resetting the oven at a regular interval can actually help increase its efficiency and overall lifespan. That is because the factory setting is usually the optimum for any such device.

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