How To Set Clock On Galanz Microwave | 5-Step Process

Among all the Chinese brands out there, Galanz stands out for its quality, durability, functionality over the top, and most obviously, affordability. Like any other brand, Galanz has been in the industry for quite some time. 

The funny thing is, before stepping into the appliance industry, Galanz used to work with duck feathers and related products. So you know they are good with household items.

If you have a Galanz Microwave in your home, you know how convenient it is. With all its options and functions, cooking time is as easy as making your morning coffee. But if you have a power outage, your microwave clock will go 12.00 on you. How to set the clock on the Galanz microwave then?

Well, it’s easier than putting a dish together. You just have to press the clock button from the control panel until the zeros start flashing. And then enter your time from the number pad. And set it by repressing the clock button. Thats it.

Confused? Let’s walk you through the process step by step.

how to set clock on galanz microwave

Steps To Set Galanz Microwave Clock

You don’t have to be an electrical expert to set your Galanz Microwave clock. Just need a bit of knowledge on which button to press. And we are going to help you go through it. 

Follow the steps below and your microwave clock will be working in no time. No more 12:00.

Step 1: Enter Standby Mode

Power the microwave. It will be in standby mode after just 20 seconds. And then proceed on to the fun part. 

Step 2: Press The Clock/Timer Button

You will have a clock/timer button on your number pad. Press and hold it for 3 seconds or so. And you will get into the clock option.

Step 3: Select 12/24hr Option

The first thing in the clock settings is selecting what type of time you want to set. Select your preference from the 12/24 hr time option. Then press the clock/timer button once.

Step 4: Enter Your Time

When you have set the time option, you can now set the time. You will get zeros blinking. Select the time you want by pressing the number of pads. 

Step 5: Press The Clock/Timer Button To Confirm

When you are done, press the clock button one last time to confirm your microwave clock.

And that’s it! Your Galanz clock is now set!

Note: Some models don’t say Clock/Timer but only Timer. Both are the same thing and you can set your clock by long pressing the timer button. And after every power outage, you have to set your microwave clock. 

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How do you use a Galanz microwave?

You can use your Galanz microwave by pressing the menu buttons or entering the timer to cook, heat, or warm up your food. Each Galanz microwave has different options. So it is best you look into the manual for specific cooking instructions. You can also visit their website for your microwave manual if you misplaced it. 

How do I set the Clock on my Smartthings microwave?

You can set the clock on your Smartthings microwave by opening your Smartthings app. Tap on the ‘Devices’ icon to show your microwave. You can also type in your microwave name. Then proceed to the ‘Settings’ icon. And press ‘Clock’. Enter your time and tap on save. 

How do I set the Clock on my LG microwave smart inverter magnetron?

To set your LG microwave clock, you have to hold and press the ‘Clock’ button for 3 seconds. Then enter the time format you want from the 12/24 hr option. And press the ‘Clock’ button again to enter your desired time. And save it with the same ‘Clock’ button. Use the number pads to enter the time. 


Setting your Galanz microwave time is not as hard as cooking a whole chicken. With these steps, you can always set the time whenever you want. And it sometimes works on other microwaves as well. 

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