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In recent times, there has been awareness about plastic products and waste. It is harmful to both the environment and our health. 

But thankfully, food-grade plastic is there to the rescue. You can store your food in the refrigerator for a long time and it doesn’t cost as much. And there is the safety of not breaking if it falls accidentally.

Will Plastic Melt in the Oven

Though plastic is one of the best things to come into our lives, we tend to forget about its durability in heat. Hence the question is, will plastic melt in the oven.

We are going to talk about that in this article. And you will be amazed to learn that, not everything that goes into a microwave, can go into a conventional oven.

Will Plastic Melt in the Oven in Low Heat Setting

No matter what type of plastic it is, high resistance or low, it will melt in the oven. Some might question, the plastic container is microwave safe, then why shouldn’t I put it in the oven?

To answer that simply, an oven can be hotter than any microwave out there. Depending on the build and material, the plastic can have a different melting point. 

So let’s dive into the article about why you shouldn’t put plastic in the oven in the first place.

Why You Shouldn’t Put Plastic in the Oven

Plastic is the combination of petroleum products along with other chemicals. It is sturdy and durable to some extent. 

Most plastics have a melting point between 190°- 400°. Which a normal oven can easily reach. 

Although some plastic containers are microwave safe, you might avoid putting them into the oven. Because a microwave functions differently than an oven. 

While a microwave uses radiation to heat up the food in the container or plate, ovens use direct heat, whether gas or electricity run.

This causes the plastic to melt more quickly than in a microwave. And you don’t want to burn down your house.

Yes, this has happened. Accidentally placing a plastic container in your oven might catch on fire. 

It is better to avoid it at any cost and go for other cookware to heat up your food in the oven.

Can Microwave-Safe Plastic Containers Go Into Oven

To put it simply, you shouldn’t put any plastic material in the oven. No matter how microwave-safe it is.

When a plastic container heats up, it starts to give out microparticles. This mixes up with your food and thus can make way to your body. Which isn’t a good thing.

In the meantime, the plastic will give out a bad odor to your food if heated up in the oven. In the worst-case scenario, the plastic will melt down and cause a fire.

Which is a nasty business to deal with later on. So if you are thinking about putting your favorite container of spaghetti in the oven to heat up, don’t do it.

How to Get Rid of Melted Plastic in the Oven

Accidents happen. We all get absent-minded and sometimes put plastic containers, and plates in the oven. 

The time we notice it, it is too late. And the mess is undoable. 

The good thing is that you don’t have to go to any extreme measures to clean up a melted plastic in your oven. 

Let the plastic cool down. You can use ice on the plastic to make the process go faster. Once it is solid, use a scraper to take off the plastic from your oven. 

It will come off quickly once solidified. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I melt the plastic in the oven?

Yes. If you are making a DIY project that requires melted plastic, you can easily do it in your oven. Simply place the plastic in an oven-proof container and start heating up to 300°. It will melt down the plastic. But remember to keep airflow in the area as melted plastic will give out a toxic fume.

How does plastic not melt in the oven?

Coating your plastic with foil on one side, and water on the other will not melt in the oven. This process is used in laminating mugs, tumblers, and other stuff in the oven. But don’t do it to heat up your food. This process does not work the same way as heating up your food.

At what temperature does plastic melt?

The melting point of plastic is determined by what components it is made out of. But in general, the temperature is anywhere between 190°-400° in any oven. 


Plastic in general is not suitable for your health. As not all of them come in a food-grade state. But putting it in the oven is a whole another level of harm. You will not only harm yourself but also the oven in the process. And the cleaning and effort afterward need no introduction.

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