[Explored] Are Viking Ovens Self-Cleaning?

Ovens are the best thing a house can have as an appliance. Sure the air conditioning and washing come first, but imagine craving a cookie in the dead of the night. And an oven can give you even more than that. 

And talking about ovens, Vikings are one of the prominent ones that serve a lifetime, sometimes even more. So baking, roasting, and broiling is a breeze! But what sets off with any oven is the cleaning afterward. And your mind goes, are Viking ovens self-cleaning? 

Well, the answer is yes. Some Viking ovens do come with self-cleaning. And using them also requires you to practice some caution. 

Let’s talk about them more along with the Viking oven models that come with the self-cleaning feature. 

are viking ovens self cleaning

Which Viking Ovens Come With Self Cleaning Feature

Viking ovens do have a self-cleaning feature. The self-cleaning works by burning all the food crumbs, grease buildup in high heat. And the heat exceeds the oven’s regular operation temperature. It takes 3 hours for the oven to do the self-cleaning process. 

But not all Viking ovens come with self-cleaning though. Here are the 5 models that come with the feature. 

  1. Viking Professional 48″ Dual Fuel Range Oven (Model No. VPR4860ESS)
  2. Viking Range 48″ Double Oven (Model No. VR4825ESS)
  3. Viking Range 30″ Double Convection Oven (Model No. VR3025ESS)
  4. Viking Professional 30″ Gas Range Oven (Model No. VGP3060ESS)
  5. Viking Range 30″ Gas Range Oven (Model No. VRG3060ESS)

These are the only 5 Viking models that come equipped with self-cleaning. So if you are looking for one, you can check them out. 

The Goods And Bad Of Self Cleaning Ovens

Viking ovens use the same self-cleaning features as any other ovens with the feature. It locks the oven doors and starts to rise the temperature at full blast. The only thing a self-cleaning process needs is the heat. And it exceeds over 500 degrees. 

It takes about 3 hours for a Viking oven to finish the self-cleaning cycle. During this time, you won’t be able to open the doors, and you should never try to. Placing your hand over the glass window is also forbidden, if you don’t want to get burnt that is different. 

The high heat burns everything inside. The grease, crumbs, and leftovers. And after it cools down, you just remove the ashes. There’s a pan below the oven racks that will catch most of it. And then you can do the regular cleaning that is needed. 

Apart from burning everything down to ashes, there is nothing more with the self-cleaning process of the oven. As the temperature rises and a lot of fumes start to generate and vent, you should always follow these safety steps. 

Safety Steps:

  • Never start self-cleaning with big crumbles and huge grease buildup. It will start a fire. 
  • When you start your Viking oven self-clean cycle, do not leave it unattended. 
  • Keep your kitchen windows open and well-ventilated during the cycle. 
  • Let the oven cool down completely before opening it after the self-cleaning process. 

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers – FAQs

How do you clean a self-cleaning Viking oven?

You can use the self-cleaning feature of your Viking oven by removing any bigger crumbs or leftovers. Then turn on the self-cleaning feature. It will take about 3 hours to complete. Then when it is done, let it cool down. When it is perfectly cooled down, remove the ashes and clean it with a soap water solution and let it air dry. 

How do I clean my Viking non-self-cleaning oven?

Turn off all electrical circuits, and disconnect them from the power socket. Then brush the crumbs and debris out first. Then proceed on spraying an oven-cleaning solution. You can also use an equal part vinegar and water solution. Let it sit for some time and then scrub it down. Apply another layer if needed. Wipe it wall down and wash it with soapy water. 

How do you clean a Viking French door oven?

Use warm soap water solution and soft microfiber cloths to clean your Viking French door oven. Remove the grease and apply the method more than once if needed. Also, remember to clean the handles and outer layer of your French oven as it is stainless steel. It will look more shiny. 


Viking ovens are amazing cooking appliances to have. As they have been in the industry for quite some time, they kept the mentioned models in production. So you can go for them without any worry. Just make sure to follow the safety cautions as mentioned and you will be good. 

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