Does Paper Burn In The Oven

There is a possibility that you might accidentally put a piece of paper with your food while cooking in your oven, especially if you use the oven regularly for cooking. This can sometimes result in a hazardous situation. There is a possibility that burning paper could burst into flames, and the oven might start exploding at any point. What happens to a paper in the oven? Once you know how different types of papers will react in the oven, you can take precautions.

Does Paper Burn In The Oven

Does Paper Burn In An Oven?

Obviously, it burns. To point out, we all know that paper is flammable and burns easily when catching fire. If you talk about the oven, it is used to cook food on a closed surface where the temperature is very high. Specifically, the temperature can be a lot higher than the combustion point of ordinary paper. Not to mention, different types of papers may bring different results because of individual toleration levels.

However, there is no paper whose combustion point is higher than the highest oven temperature. So, it’s clear that no paper type can withstand the highest temperature of the oven. When you have an electric oven, the cooking temperature is fixed according to your command. In that case, you can compare the temperature with the combustion point. Usually, a regular book paper can take around 233 degrees Celsius or 451 degrees Fahrenheit. That means, reaching this temperature can burn the paper and catch fire inside the oven.

For a corrugated board, the combustion point is higher than the normal paper. This paper type can absorb a maximum of 258 degrees Celsius of temperature. When talking about parchment paper, it is known as heat-resistant paper. Though this type can withstand critical heat conditions, parchment paper cannot take much direct heat. In most cases, the parchment paper starts burning at around 215 degrees Celsius. Anyway, the ability to absorb the heat may differ due to specific conditions around.

The point often overlooked is that a piece of paper becomes risky when it’s not attached to the food. If the paper gets the heat in such a condition, it’ll absorb the same amount of heat that the food can absorb. So, there is less risk of burning paper here. When the paper is separated or put inside the oven alone, the risk of burning is higher. In that case, the paper may not prevent burning when the temperature reaches the combustion point of the paper type. Assuming the average combustion point as 233 degrees Celsius, most ovens can burn the paper when placed inside.

At What Temp Does Paper Burn In The Oven?

The burning temperature varies for different types of papers. The highest heat-absorbent paper is usually a corrugated board, which can take up to 258 degrees Celsius. This temperature is known as the combustion point of the corrugated board. That means, exceeding this limit can burn the corrugated paper in the oven. Not to mention, other paper types may start burning at a lower temperature. For instance, if you place parchment paper inside the oven alone, it won’t be able to withstand more than 215 degrees Celsius of temperature. So, reaching the combustion point for any paper will start burning that paper.

Is It Okay To Put Paper In The Oven?

Yes, you can. But, the temperature should always be below the combustion point of the paper. In a general sense, we never recommend putting a piece of paper in the oven. Because, there is a risk of burning the paper as well as starting a fire inside the kitchen from the oven blast. If you still need to use paper with your food to cook in the oven, always bake at a lower temperature than that specific paper’s combustion point. If you follow all of these instructions carefully, you can put paper in the oven without any problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Hot Can Paper Get Before It Burns?

Paper can get hot below the combustion point. For example, when the combustion point is 251 degrees Celsius, the paper can get hot up to 250 degrees Celsius. If the paper reaches the combustion point, it will start burning. So, you cannot make paper hotter than its combustion point. Taking the temperature further high can catch flames on the paper.

Will Paper Burn In A 200-Degree Oven?

Mostly, the answer is no. A 200-degree oven cannot cook at more than 200 degrees of temperature. Luckily, the lowest combustion point for any paper is higher than 200 degrees Celsius. In that case, you can separately place a paper inside the oven and set it to the maximum temperature of 200 degrees Celsius. Though the paper will be super hot, there is a remote chance of burning it. So, we can simply say that a paper won’t burn in a 200-degree oven even if it is running in a high-temperature setting.


Burning the paper in the oven depends on the paper type and the inside temperature of the oven. Some papers come with lower heat-resistant ability, whereas others can withstand higher temperatures because of their structure. In either case, the paper will start burning after reaching the combustion point. So, when you place the paper inside an oven, you must ensure that you know the real combustion point of that paper. Also, maintain the temperature below that combustion point for cooking in the oven safely.

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