How Hot Can Glass Get In The Oven Before It Shatters Into Pieces?

Whether it’s baking or re-heating your leftover food from dinner, glassware can be the perfect dish to carry your food into the oven. But you must know how to handle your glassware properly. Because your ignorance about the temperature setting for glassware may cause it to shatter into the oven. 

Therefore, it is highly important for anyone, who uses glass in the oven, to know the maximum temperature glass can withstand or the temperature at which it is safe to use glass in the oven.

How Hot Can Glass Get In The Oven

How Hot Can A glass Get In The Oven? Everything Is Explained

How hot glass can get into the oven depends on the type of glass you are using. If it’s a crystal window or any other ordinary glass, it will withstand between 150-200 degrees F. The numbers increase to 932 degrees Fahrenheit when you are using a pyrex glass. It is tempered glass that can withstand a maximum temperature of 1832 degrees F. And that’s why tempered glasses are rated oven-safe glass. 

It has been tested that glass can withstand up to 1832 degrees F. which is equivalent to 1000 degrees celsius. But this is only applicable for oven-safe glasses such as tempered or borosilicate. Ordinary glasses can break down at any high-temperature setting.

Is It Safe To Put A Glass In The Oven?

The answer is Yes. It is safe to put a glass in the oven until there is any rapid temperature fluctuation. If you take a glass from room temperature and put it at moderate oven temperature, then the glass poses no danger of shattering. The oven must be preheated before you put your glass into it to avoid the thermal shock.

There might be some occasions at your home when it’s convenient to use the glassware to re-heat your food or to bake something quickly. But with glass, there is a risk involved which is the shattering of the glass in the oven. And most of the time the blame goes on the temperature. But actually, it’s not. And later on, in this article, we are going to tell you the truth.

Causes Of Glass Breaking In Oven When Heated

Truly, there are many factors behind it. It’s not only the temperature that can cause the shattering of your glass, but also some other issues are involved too such as the type of the glass, its thermal history, thickness, rate and uniformity of heating, and many more. 

Whether it’s tempered glass or pyrex glass, whatever the type is, if the glass is exposed to uneven temperature changes, it will definitely get shattered. No glassware can withstand extreme thermal variation, no matter what precaution you take.

Another reason for glass break is choosing the wrong type of glass for baking. If you put any ordinary glass in the oven, the high temperature will shatter the glass into pieces. That’s why you have to pick any oven-safe glassware. In that regard, tempered or boron silicon glass is always recommended. If you want to use any other type of glass-like crystals or pyrex, make sure you read the manufacturer’s instructions on the temperature limit.

How Can I Avoid Glass Breaking In Oven

  • First of all, and most importantly try not to give any thermal shock to the glassware. And to maintain that avoid putting freezing cold dishes into the pre-heated oven or don’t fluctuate the temperature setting rapidly in an uneven manner.
  • Use oven-safe glass cookware.
  • Avoid crossing the temperature limit set by the manufacturer. Even with oven-safe glass, there comes a temperature limit. The limit is most likely between 350-500 degrees F.
  • If you are baking dry food on glass cookware, you must add a small amount of water which will allow the water to get warm up with the glassware. It will help to balance the thermal variation.
  • Last but not the least, don’t forget to check if there is any crack or damage in the glassware that may get shattered due to the high heat of the oven.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Glass Go In The Oven At 400?

350 degrees F. is a safe oven temperature for glass cookware. But if your oven is perfectly preheated, then 400 degrees F. is not a threat.

Can Pyrex Go In A 450-Degree Oven?

Yes. Pyrex has the capacity to withstand up to 932 degrees F. But make sure the oven is pre-heated while baking. And avoid extreme thermal variation and you are good to go.

Is It Ok To Put A Freezing Cold Glass Into The Oven?

Never. Putting a cold glass into the oven causes a thermal shock that discomposes the glass molecules and eventually shatters them into pieces. That’s why it’s better to bring the freezing cold glass to a moderate or room temperature and then put it in the preheated oven.

How Can I Know Whether A Glass Is Oven Safe Or Not?

Every oven-safe glass comes with an “oven-safe” tag somewhere on the packaging. Before you buy the glass, make sure the presence of that symbol tells the oven safety rating of the glassware.


A particular glass type may have its individual temperature limit. But the standard oven temperature for glass is between 350-500 degrees F. Tempered, pyrex, and borosilicate glass are considered to be the most oven-friendly glasses that you can use for baking or reheating your food. 

But that too needs to be handled properly by avoiding uneven temperature fluctuations, and adding liquids under dry food while reheating or not exceeding the temperature limit.

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