How To Turn On Different Kinds Of Electric Grill? Very Easy to Start

Summer is afoot; and vacation has been…boring, to be honest. You have one chance at having to blow off some steam with a BBQ party (or more!), and then you get back to the tedious hours of paperwork. 

I say, no worries! Because there is definitely something that can make your summer absolutely enjoyable. Two words: Electric Grill.

Now we know what a grill is, but what is an electric grill? Well, An electric grill is a grill that has electricity as its source. Pretty obvious, but how is it different? Unlike propane and natural gas run grills, this grill comes with an on-and-off option. Now that we know what an electric grill is, we can find out how to turn it on. 

How To Turn On Different Kinds Of Electric Grill

How Do You Start an Electric Grill?

Since these grills run on electricity, the process of starting them is very simple. 

You have to start by making sure your outlet is fine. You have to connect your plug to the outlet after that. After waiting for 6-10 minutes, your electric grill should be ready to cook.

There are two ways to get your electric grill to cheer up your barbecue party. One is using an open machine, another is using a contact machine. It will only help your BBQ party if you know both ways. 

1. Open Machine

  1. Firstly, to use an open machine, you have to be aware of the temperature. This is because electric grills take no time to preheat. 
  2. Use a flat countertop to lay the food first. 
  3. You will know your food is finished grilling when it has even lines on both sides. 

2. Contact Machine

  1. To use a contact machine, clean thoroughly the plates which your electric grills come in, and your countertop. 
  2. The lower plate in the electric grill comes with a lid. You have to adjust your drip pan right below it. 
  3. Know when to turn on the grill, as the contact grills hit the target temperature very fast. 
  4. Carefully place your food on the grill and let it free until your food is completely cooked. 
  5. Turn off the grill when you are finished. 


  1. Be careful of the temperature. Electric grills heat up fast!
  2. Unplug the electric grill once done.
  3. Beware of your electric cords, don’t let them come in contact with water.

So now we have covered the two easy ways to grill up your BBQ delights. It will be helpful for your next summer party!

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How do you turn on a Weber electric grill?

If you have bought a new Weber electric grill, it needs to be noted that the grill needs 20 minutes of preheating. Keep your user manual close and enjoy the ease of the electric grill with its switch buttons.

Do electric grills turn on the same way outside?

There is really no difference in the procedure of turning on an electric grill outside. It is just as simple as turning on an outdoor electric grill.


Electric grills are truly a treasure of summer. Steaks, filets, or vegetables — the grill is your best friend. As long as there are proper measures taken, you can have a charming BBQ with your loved ones and acquaintances. Grills are sure a handful, but with the use of electricity, there is increased efficiency and convenience. Your summer BBQ will be nothing short of a blast!

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