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To turn off a Whirlpool oven, press and hold the “Off” or “Cancel” button for several seconds until the display goes blank.

Suppose, you are using the Whirlpool oven for the very first time and you do not know how to turn off the oven. In this situation, it is very common that you cannot turn off your Whirlpool oven after finishing your cooking session. So, if you do not know how to turn off the oven then it will be better to know the process of turning off the Whirlpool oven at first, and then you can start to use it. 

On the other side, not only this reason but also there are various reasons for which the oven cannot be turned off. It will be a disgusting situation that will raise your hassle and increase the electricity bill also. If you are searching for the process by which you can turn off the oven, then it is the right place for you. You will understand the entire process after reading the article attentively. So, here we go.

Whirlpool Oven How to Turn Off

How Do I Turn Off My Whirlpool Oven?

To turn off a Whirlpool oven, follow these steps:

  1. Press the “Off” or “Cancel” Button: Most Whirlpool ovens have a dedicated “Off” or “Cancel” button on the control panel. Simply press this button to turn off the oven.
  2. Check for a “Power” Button: Some Whirlpool ovens may have a “Power” button instead of an “Off” or “Cancel” button. Press the “Power” button to turn off the oven.
  3. Turn the Temperature and Timer Knobs to “Off”: If your Whirlpool oven has analog controls with temperature and timer knobs, turn both knobs to the “Off” position. This will stop the oven from heating and turn off the timer.
  4. If All Else Fails: If the above methods don’t work, you can also turn off the oven by flipping the circuit breaker or unplugging it from the power source. However, this should only be done if the oven is not responding to the regular control panel buttons.

Please note that the specific control options and buttons may vary depending on the model of your Whirlpool oven, so consult your oven’s user manual for more detailed instructions if needed.

Why Do We Need to Turn The Whirlpool Oven Off?

Since many reasons are responsible for the issue at first, you have to detect the problem and then go ahead according to the issue.

When There is a Fault with Your Whirlpool Oven Control Board

If the relay of the control board has shorted then the oven will not turn off. It is a common issue. So, when the Whirlpool oven will not turn off then you should be aware of this matter. It is needed to perform a visual inspection because checking the control board is very difficult. If you can understand that the control board is perfect and there is no damage then you should try another way. But if there is any problem then you should replace it immediately by the following steps.

The Control Board Checks and Replaces Procedures.

  • You have to turn off the power of the electrical panel. Then remove the oven’s back panel. Sometimes it is needed to remove the top panel of the oven depending on the texture of the oven.
  • Then you have to inspect the control board of the Whirlpool oven to check the damage. If you notice any damage then before removing the control board from the oven, you should take a picture of it to remember the place of the wires. After that disconnect the wires.
  • Then remove the control board by unscrewing the mounting screws. After that, remove the old over and attach the over to the new control board carefully. Now it is time to align and secure the new control board. 
  • After that, reattach the wires to the new control board of the oven. At the last, please reattach the power after reattaching the back panel.

When the Bake or Broil Elements are Damaged

The other reason that is responsible for creating an obstacle to turning off the Whirlpool oven is the damage to bake or broil elements. So, you have to test the elements with a multimeter to know if there is any damage or not. If there is any damage then you should replace the elements as soon as possible by following the steps.

The Element Checking Procedure with a Multimeter

  • Turn off the power of the electrical panel and remove the back panel of the Whirlpool oven. 
  • Then you have to disconnect the wires of the heating element. After that, you should use a multimeter and test the terminals of the heating element for continuity. If you do not notice any continuity then it is time to replace the element.
  • Touch the multimeter probe to one of the terminals of the element and the other to the oven’s metal back to test if the element has not shorted through the oven’s frame.

Note: If the surface is painted then do not try this test because of the painted surface the test will not work. You have to replace the element when there is continuity. Because continuity represents that the element has shorted. 

When There Is an Issue with the Temperature Control Thermostat

The temperature of the Whirlpool oven is regulated by the thermostat. But sometimes in the thermostat, there are some overheating issues. Sometimes because of the overheated thermostat, the electrical components will be welded with each other inside. Then the thermostat wants to get more heat even when you turn off the oven. 

Moreover, you can see the thermostat is stated behind the temperature control knob. Generally, when you turn this temperature knob then you definitely can hear the clicking sound. When the temperature knob fails to give you the clicking sounds when you turn it then you can understand the thermostat has some fault. So, if the thermostat is defective then you have to replace this.

The Checking and Replacement Procedure of Thermostat

  • Turn off the power of the electrical panel. After that, remove the top and real oven panels to access the thermostat. Then, locate the thermostat that is located behind the temperature control knob. 
  • Disconnect each of the wires to the thermostat and then test the thermostat with the help of a multimeter. Then, disconnect the thermostat from the temperature control knob to replace a defective thermostat. 
  • Unscrew the screws that hold the thermostat in place after removing the knobs. Now you have to release the capillary tube that is stated inside your Whirlpool oven cavity. 
  • Now remove the capillary tube behind your oven that should be engaged with a wire to the thermostat. After these activities, you can remove the thermostat easily.
  • Put the temperature control knob back on by providing the security to the mounting screws to install the new thermostat. Then be careful about the new capillary and thread it into the oven. After that, reconnect each of the wires to the thermostat and clip the capillary tube into the place inside your Whirlpool oven. 
  • At the last stage, reattach the top and back oven panels and reconnect the oven’s power.

After locating the exact reason that is creating the obstacle to turning off the Whirlpool oven, you have to try to fix the problem with the help of the steps that I have mentioned above.

Why Is My Whirlpool Oven Not Turning Off?

There can be various reasons that affect your Whirlpool oven and you cannot turn off it. When the relay board of the oven is defective then you will not turn your oven off. A Relay board is used to control the voltage. If the relay board of your Whirlpool oven has any fault then it starts continuously to send voltage to the heating elements of the oven. Then the heating element starts to increase heat and it works as an obstacle to turning off the oven.

On the other hand, if the controls are defective then the oven will not be turned off. Controls have been defective due to dirty or broken dials, knobs, and switches. So, you have to check the switches, knobs, and dials of your Whirlpool oven if the oven does not be turned off. 

Do Whirlpool Ovens Turn Off Automatically?

It is to be sure that after using the oven it has been turned off or not. In most of the oven that has the characteristics of a touchpad clock control, it can be automatically turned off. With these characteristics, you can have a hassle-free life because there is no tension to turn off the oven. It is also beneficial to save your electricity bill. But ovens without a timer or clock cannot be shut down automatically. 

In the case of the Whirlpool oven, there is the feature of a timer or clock. So, it can be said that, when the clock with a set time has ended up, then the Whirlpool oven turns off automatically. Moreover, you can see the “End” on the display. 


If your Whirlpool oven does not turn off then do not be worried. You have to find out the reason and then according to the need you have to go ahead. If there are any issues with the control board when the brake or boil element is defective or when the control temperature thermostat has any fault then the Whirlpool oven cannot be turned off. On the other hand, if the relay or control board has been damaged then also the Whirlpool oven cannot be shut down. So, be aware of these issues and regularly check out the oven.

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