Can You Put Digiorno Cardboard in Oven | Everything You Need to Know

A night snack or a full meal, you can never beat a pizza. There are very few people in this universe who don’t like pizza. 

And frozen pizzas are our saviors. Who knows, when you might crave one in the middle of the night when the pizza place you love is closed. The alternative? Any frozen pizza you like. 

It can be stored in your refrigerator for a very long time. Pepperoni, cheezy delight, meat lovers heaven, or a chicken supreme, you name it, you will find all of them in the frozen aisle. I say, load your refrigerator with them and don’t go out ever again!

Can You Put Digiorno Cardboard in Oven

One of the favorite brands of pizza would be the Digiorno frozen pizzas. They come in different sizes, cost very and taste amazing. The secret behind is the food consumer Nestle.

But can you put Digiorno cardboard in the oven to heat up your pizza? Nobody wants to do the extra chore of cleaning the dishes at midnight. Pop the whole thing in the oven and eat it out of the box, done.

We are going to tell you if it is worth the risk in this article.

Can You Put Digiorno Cardboard in Oven With the Pizza

Like anything frozen, pizzas are one of the wonders that come premade in a cardboard box. You can cook it anytime in your home. Simply pop it in the oven and it is done in a few minutes.

One idea that comes to our mind is that, why not pop the whole box in the oven. It will save time, effort, and the cleaning afterward. Which makes a lot of sense, right?

But if we quote the great Frankstines monster, “Fire Bad”, it literally means it is bad. Paper and fire don’t go along so well, and cardboard is basically paper. 

So when you are putting your Digiorno pizza in the oven along with its cardboard box, it will catch on fire. 

Why You Should Not Put Digiorno Cardboard Box in the Oven

A frozen Digiorno pizza requires the oven to be at 450° degrees. Which is way past the burning point of the paper.

When you are putting your pizza box in the oven, it is almost like striking a match stick. The paper will catch on fire, and the grease from the pizza will help it grow even bigger.

This is why you should never put a cardboard box in the oven. No matter what it is you are baking, cooking, or warming up. It will end in flames.

What Should You Use to Cook a Pizza in the Oven

To cook your frozen pizza in the oven, you can use a stainless steel pizza rack, a baking tray, or anything metal. If you feel really fancy, you can also go for a pizza stone.

The pizza stone gives the pizza a better crust cooks the pizza from the bottom to the middle and doesn’t leave any of the dough soggy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put the cardboard from a frozen pizza in the oven?

No. Absolutely not. Cardboard is basically paper, which can easily be ignited in the heat of the oven. And the pizza grease will help it grow even more. So it is not at all advised to use the cardboard box of the pizza in the oven.

Can you put pizza cardboard in the oven?

No. Pizza cardboard works as a carrying element, which is flammable in the oven. You can opt for a pizza rack, or a pizza stone instead. If you don’t have any of those, a metal baking sheet will do the same job.

Can I put a DiGiorno pizza in the oven?

Yes. Frozen DiGiorno pizza can be cooked directly in the oven. You can simply pop the pizza out of the box in the oven and it will cook perfectly. If you don’t want the pizza to leak down on the oven floor, we advise pusing a pizza rack or baking tray.


Digiorno pizza has been a staple in the household for more than 30 years. It is quick, substantial, and hits the right spot for our cravings. But to avoid any form of disaster in your kitchen, avoid using the pizza cardboard box in the oven. It won’t cut down on your chores but will lead to bigger destruction that might break your bank.

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